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Our Vision


  • Empowering students to achieve their full potential by enhancing their academic ability and confidence to overcome challenges.


Our Mission

  • To help students build a solid foundation in the subjects concerned and improve their academic results through teaching and mentoring;

  • To inspire students’ interest and build up confidence in the subjects concerned;

  • To help students improve skills in tackling exam-type questions.


Our Services


BSF Education centre is focused on providing one-to-one or small group tutorial courses in (I)GCSE/GCE/IB/AP/SAT/ACT as well as tertiary ones. It was founded by leading education experts dedicated to helping students succeed in their academic studies.


Currently we offer IB, GCE, AP, and GCSE/IGCSE subjects in the following area:


  • Business & Economics related: Business Studies, Economics and Accounting;

  • Mathematics & sciences: Mathematics, Biology, Physics and Chemistry;

  • Languages: English, English literature and Chinese.

  • We offer university level subjects in such subjects as Accounting, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Econometrics and Finance.

  • We offer preparatory courses for college admission tests as SAT/ACT.


For students who are not in Hong Kong or who prefer to save the travelling time, we also offer online courses depending on students' needs.


Our Teachers


  • BSF teachers are highly experienced teachers familiar with various syllabuses of international/local education systems and standardized examinations, who have helped numerous students from different backgrounds achieve their academic objectives, including but not limited to students from international schools, local schools, overseas schools, universities and mature students.

  • Our teachers are not simply graduates of top universities such as LSE, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, etc., many have diverse work experience, whether in the government, in MNCs, in NGOs or in academic institutions, equipping them with a broader vision which in turn will broaden students’ vision.

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