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About the founder - Ms Li (MSc Fin & Eco, LSE)


Ms Li has an MSc Finance and Economics from London School of Economics. She also has educational backgrounds in Mathematics, Accounting and Computer Science. Ms Li is a qualified chartered accountant and was a teacher of Business Studies in an international school in Hong Kong. She has a number of years working within Finance in leading companies in China, UK & Hong Kong and has a strong background in teaching Mathematics, Economics and Business Studies.



Teaching Experience


Ms Li has 10-plus years of solid teaching experiences. She has taught numerous students on Mathematics, Economics, Business Studies, Accounting, Corporate Finance and Mandarin Chinese all through the years. Her students include some who get full marks (45) in the IB exam, full mark in Business Studies of GCE exam, A*s in GCE/IGCSE Economics, Business Studies, Maths and Chinese exams. Her students also include university students from LSE, SOAS, University of London, Durham University, Hong Kong University, among others. Most students have made marked progress after her conscientious guidance.


Testimonials from parents and students

" My son has been receiving lessons in Maths; Further Maths; Chemistry & Physics from Ms Li since year 9 (both IGCSE & IBDP levels). He was only slightly above average in these subjects, never a top scorer until being taught by Ms Li. Therefore I personally believe that it's entirely through Ms Li's excellent instruction that he eventually managed to attain 12 IGCSE A* & an IB predicted grade of 44, as well as an offer from University of Cambridge."

From a mother  who is an education expert herself

"We are so grateful for your help on Cxx's IB exam preparation. Cxx is so lucky to have your teaching and guidance to her studying at this critical moment."

From a parent whose daugther got 43/45 in IB DP exam

"We were lucky to find Ms Li a few years back when I was looking for a tuitor to help my son with his IB Business classes. She then took on my daughter and helped her first with Maths, and then with Biology (thanks to the help of Dr Longley). Both Ms Li and Dr Longley are gifts in a place like Hong Kong, where tutors and educational centers can perceive students as potential money trees. Both teachers went above and beyond to make ensure that work was properly done, concepts were understood, and that learning was fun. I cannot recommend BSF enough for all the work that they do to nurture excellence."

From a mother with long term vision for kids' education

"Ms Li gave me intensive Maths and Economics tutorials during summer vacation and holiday breaks half a year ahead of the school schedule, and I got A* in both subjects in the January exam setting. Maths has become much easier, and economics appeared more interesting. I feel good in mastering the way to tackle the subjects! "

From a Hong Kong student studying in the UK


"During my tough IB times, Ms Li was the one who assisted me in my extended essay for my business and management course. She was extremely helpful in providing extra time in private to search for information relevant to my topic, and going over numerous drafts, with her help I was able to not only pass my extended essay but pass with flying grades. Thank you Ms Li! "

A student from AIS


"I am doing fine with my studies right now, especially with business because of your intensive help during the year! Thanks to your help and guidance, in my mock exam I got the highest in the whole school, which was unexpected because I did not do GCSE business. I have all my UK university offers and some Hong Kong offers now! "

A Year 13 student from ESF school due to take IB exam

"My daughter is taught Maths by Ms Li & her improvement is astounding: from daily agony over maths homework to being lauded as 'an astute mathematician' by her Maths teacher. Ms Li is one of those rare gems of inspirational teachers that not only teach, but motivate!


A mother of Yr 12 student

"Ms Li is a good teacher with enthusiasm and passion. Materials were well taught according to my ability. I mastered an exam paper within 10+ lessons. Economics and Business Studies theories were clearly explained. Mathematic solutions were dissected in a simple and effective way. With a little effort in my own time and her guidance, I aced my A-level exams."

A freshman law student in a Hong Kong University

"Most students of BSF come through word of mouth.  Many more testinomails were not posted in the Web... ..."

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