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Good track records and outstanding results of students: 90% getting
higher test scores;

- Teachers of BSF have good track records with many students making marked progress after receiving their tutorials;

- We have tutored students getting full mark (45/45) in the IB exam;

-  We have tutored students getting full mark in GCE Business Studies exam;

- Many students improve from D/E to A/B in Eco, Bus Studies, Maths, Physics, Bio, etc. after receiving tutorials from our experienced teachers.

Highly experienced, accomplished and responsible teachers

- We have highly experienced teachers who are familiar with various syllabi of international/local education systems and standardized examinations.

- They have helped numerous students from different backgrounds achieve their academic objectives, including but not limited to students from international schools, local schools, overseas schools, universities and mature students with employment.

Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning


- Individualized, customized learning plans are provided to different students based on their objectives and needs.

- We emphasize the importance of solidifying the foundation by helping students master the basics well before proceeding further.

-  We have tutored private students where Economics are not taught in school getting A* in IGCSE and GCE Economics within 1/3 of the teaching hours required for school;

Teachers with diverse overseas work experience with a broader vision

- Many teachers are graduates of top universities with diverse experience of work overseas.

- Our teachers are not simply graduates of famous universities such as London School of Economics & Political Science, Cambridge University, Uni of Melbourne, etc, many have diverse overseas work experience, whether in the Government, in MNCs, in NGOs or in academic institutions, equipping them with a broader vision which in turn will broaden the vision of the students.

In The News
2019/2018 IB & IGCSE Results 

BSF is happy to annouce that our students have achieved outstanding results in May/June 2019/2018 IB & IGCSE exams. Most got 7(s)/6(s) in Mathematics (HL/SL), Biology (HL/SL), Chemistry (HL), Physics (HL) and Economics (HL/SL) in IB Exams. Some was admitted by the medical programme of Hong Kong University. Some got offers from University of Brown, Imperial, Kings College London, SOAS, University of Toronto, etc.

Students of IGCSE also got good results in the exams. Some would enter the top boarding schools in the US or UK.

Congratulations to the students! Wish you have a fulfilled life and wonderful tomorrow!


August, 2019

University League Table 2018
Aug 2017, Quote from the Guardian

Why there is no such thing as a gifted child

July 2017, Quote from the Gaurdian

    Ms Li gave me intensive Maths and Economics tutorials during summer vacation and holiday breaks half a year ahead of the school schedule, and I got A* in both subjects in the January exam setting. Maths has become much easier, and economics appeared more interesting. I feel good in mastering the way to tackle the subjects!



       During my tough IB times, Ms Li was the one who assisted me in my extended essay for my business and management course. She was extremely helpful in providing extra time in private to search for information relevant to my topic, and going over numerous drafts, with her help I was able to not only pass my extended essay but pass with flying grades. Thank you Ms Li!



— A student from Australia International School

  My son has been receiving lessons in Maths, Physics and Chemistry from Ms Li since Year 10. He made marked progress. His Maths improved from C to A* (over 90% correct) and he got A*s for Physics and Chemistry also. He got a predicted 7 in IB maths. We are very grateful to her.



— A parent of a Yr 12 IB student

— A Hong Kong student stuying in the UK


     Although I have not taken GCSE Economics, I managed to get A* in A2 Economics with Ms Li's expertly  help of a first class teacher. What's mover, she broadened my vision and trained me to have a balanced view in analyzing economic issues.

— A student studying in the UK



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